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Buchholz Needs to Go…Now

Boston Herald/John Wilcox

Boston Herald/John Wilcox

Last night was the final straw for Clay Buchholz. I’m done with his terrible on field performance and even more frustrated with his bullshit attitude. After the worst loss at home since 2000 last night, a 21-2 shalaking at the hands of the Angels, Buchholz walked off the mound and went right to the clubhouse mid-inning.

He had allowed 6 runs, 3 earned over 4.1 innings and once again, put the Red Sox in a bad position by leaving the game early and forcing extra work on the bullpen. His numbers sucked, but his attitude is just unbearable and embarrassing. His comments after the game show he thinks he’s pitching well enough and doesn’t give a shit about the team and game result.

I only gave up three earned runs. It wasn’t the worst performance I had all year. -Clay Buchholz after the game

Sad, just sad. His team gets their ass kicked partially thanks to him and he just doesn’t care. He thinks his performance was acceptable. The Red Sox need to cut ties with Clay Buchholz as soon as possible.

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  1. I totally agree. Time to free up a roster spot for a bright star from the PawSox.

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