Aren’t the Red Sox supposed to be a stats driven organization? A team that thinks about match ups and numbers sometimes to a fault? Apparently John Farrell didn’t get the memo and for the 14th time this season used Craig Kimbrel in a non-save situation. In those 14 appearances he has a 6.75 ERA and has allowed 10 runs, 12 hits and 10 walks. I would rather have almost anyone else on the mound in that situation, but I guess numbers aren’t that important to Farrell.

I don’t want to hear the post game bullshit: ‘Kimbrel hasn’t pitched since Friday’ or ‘It’s standard procedure to use the closer there’ or ‘Kimbrel needs to pitch better than that’. Yes Kimbrel hasn’t pitched since Friday, yes it is common to use a closer in that situation and yes Kimbrel needs to pitch better, but if your closer sucks in non-save situations, you don’t put him in the game during those situations, it’s as simple as that. Kimbrel should be better, but he’s not, so this decision is on Farrell.

Who knows what happens if Kimbrel stays in the ‘pen, but a 3-2 game with David Ortiz leading off the 9th inning would have been more fun to watch than Big Papi leading off the 9th inning down 7-2. At least then the Red Sox would have had a chance for a W.