Winslow Townson/USA Today

Another game, another loss to the Ottawa Senators for the Boston Bruins. For the 4th time this season in 4 games, the Bruins took a big fat L. At least this time they went to OT and got a valuable point in the incredibly tight race to the postseason. With 1 game left in the 2017 regular season, the postseason matchups are still in question, but giving up an extra point to the Senators certainly didn’t help the Bs who came in tied with their divisional foes.

I should be happy the Bs are back in the playoffs after multiple years of bad late-season collapses, but it’s hard to get excited when they might play the Senators in round 1. I’m actually less worried about the matchup being bad for the Bs (it isn’t good), but rather the 1-3-1 life-crushing formation the Senators employ. It slows down the game, clogs up the neutral zone, and makes me want to poke my eyes out. A potential 7-game series of that style sounds brutally painful.

It’s also hard to get excited for a team where their leading scorer and assist man, Brad Marchand, is serving a 2-game suspension for being an uncontrolled idiot and spearing Tampa Bay Lightning’s Jonathan Drouin in the crotch on Tuesday. His absence isn’t the only reason the Bs lost on Thursday night, but it sure as hell didn’t help. They have 1 game remaining in the regular season against the Washington Capitals without Marchand, but the Caps have nothing to play for, having already clinched their #1 playoffs spot. Anything less than a W and it will feel like the Bs are limping into the playoffs.

I want to believe in the Bs, but am worried about them being bounced in the 1st round. Hopefully they turn it around and prove me wrong when it counts.