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Brady Kills in Foot Locker Commercial

Mr. Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr. folks. Flawless.

Loui Eriksson Already Missing the Bruins

That’s not a great way to start the season with your new team. Poor Loui Eriksson scoring on his own net in the most ridiculous way possible. Well, on the bright side, it can only get better from here, right?

Patriots Day Trailor Released

For those interested in the Mark Wahlberg movie about the marathon bombings in 2013, the first trailor was released this week. I’m not terribly optimistic about the movie being great, but we’ll find out at the end of December when it opens. It’s a powerfully intense first look.

Andrew Benintendi’s First MLB Hit

If Andrew Benintendi develops into the star big-leaguer many think he will, August 3rd, 2016 will be a day to remember. It’s the beginning of a promising career.

Top defensive plays of the week from the MLB featuring Dustin Pedroia, a name familiar with Red Sox fans, Jose Iglesias, and former UConn star George Springer!

After posting 4 great David Ortiz commercials in 4 days, here’s a bonus commercial that doesn’t star Ortiz himself, but uses his name and “likeness”.

David Ortiz in a Yankees cap? Say it ain’t so…

The most recent commercial featuring David Ortiz as he contemplates a career after baseball.

David Ortiz has been popping up in a lot of commercials lately, including a few for Dunkin Donuts and his most recent one for JetBlue. That has inspired me to post some of my favorite Ortiz commercials over the years. I’ll post one a day for the rest of the week for your viewing pleasure, culminating in my absolute favorite on Friday!

Here is a classic with Brian Urlacher and David Ortiz playing in the Badminton championships.