At the beginning…

Where do I begin? Starting a blog is similar to starting a relationship. There is a ton of excitement for the unknown possibilities, but the future is a giant question mark. My goal is to write about what interests me, with the hope that others are interested in the same things and are entertained.

A little bit about me…I am an obsessive sports fan. I don\’t pretend to be unbiased (although sometimes I convince myself I am). I am a passionate Red Sox fan and consider professional baseball to be one of the more enjoyable sports to watch. That being said, I love professional hockey (Bruins) and football (Cowboys), as well as college basketball and football (UConn). Regardless of the sport, if there is healthy competition, I am most likely interested and watching whenever possible.

For now, I will post about what I know…life and sports. I hope you all enjoy!

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