Is firing Byron Scott the answer?

Byron Scott, the former head coach of the New Orleans Hornets, was fired today. The team is only nine games into the season and struggling at 3-6. Is firing Scott going to fix the struggling franchise? Absolutely not. The team is in financial trouble and made practically no moves this off-season. More and more in sports, GM\’s are pulling the trigger and firing managers and coaches if a team struggles for a few games. Note to GM\’s, if your franchise is falling like a high-rise during an earthquake, the problem is not with the coach.

Scott was the Coach of the Year in 2008, led the Hornets to a 49-33 record in 2009, and, despite a depleted roster due to injuries in 2009, still made the playoffs. I understand the team wanted to regroup this off-season in order to make a deeper run in the playoffs in 2010, but if that is the case, why did management only make one serious move during the off-season that was virtually a lateral move, acquiring Emeka Okafor for Tyson Chandler? Maybe, Jeff Bower (Hornet\’s GM), if you expect to be competitive in the NBA, you should acquire a supporting cast for Chris Paul and not worry about the one part of your team that was not causing the team to plummet, the head coach.

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