NCAA Football Recap

As I am writing this, there are still a few games being played (#4 TCU vs #16 Utah, ND vs #12 Pitt, ASU vs #13 Oregon, and TTU vs. #19 Oklahoma State). Today produced several upsets including Stanford pounding #9 USC (an incredible sports blogger called that one, not that I like to brag), Cal running by #17 Arizona with a late TD to seal the victory, and Central Florida knocking off #15 Houston to bounce back from the record setting embarrassment they faced last week against #2 Texas. As expected, #5 Cincinnati pulled out a victory at home against #25 WVU, but not with their usual dominant offense. WVU ran the ball effectively to reduce amount of time the Cincinnati offense was on the field, creating a low scoring game (for Cincinnati\’s standards).

A surprisingly close game was the #10 Iowa vs #11 Ohio State match-up in Ohio. Without their starting QB, Iowa fought Ohio State and pushed the game into OT with a late 4th quarter TD. They fell to the Buckeyes in OT, but showed a lot of character and proved they can hang with most teams in the league. For the most part, the rest of the top 25 took care of business on Saturday (to this point), meaning the top 8 should remain constant going into week 13 next week.

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