NFL Sunday

What a crazy day so far in the NFL, and it is only 4:15pm EST. Some headlines thus far include Washington winning a game against the tough Broncos with 13 4th quarter points, the Jets continuing to struggle against the Jags, and New Orleans squeaking by a terrible St. Louis team. One of the best finishes thus far was Miami\’s comeback thriller to hold off the Bucs. The Buc\’s came back and were up one late in the 4th, until Chad Henne brought the Dolphins down the field and Carpenter hit a short field goal to win it with 14 seconds left. Still left to play are Dallas at Green Bay, Philly at San Diego, Seattle at Arizona, and the marquee match-up of week 10, Pats at Indy tonight. Should be a fun evening and night. Enjoy, I know I will!

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