Aftermath from a Bad Weekend for NE

While not sleeping last night for some unknown reason (Bill Belichick and Wade Phillips), I began to think about the weekend that wasn\’t for New England sports fans. Let\’s recap.


It all started with a big Celtics/Hawks match-up that has turned into a bit of rivalry since they fought for 7 games in round one of the playoffs in 2007. The C\’s got out rebounded by 18 and lost 97-86, an inauspicious start to the weekend.


There were 3 promising match-ups for Bostonians. The BC Eagles were up against a terrible Virginia team, the Bruins were facing the high-scoring Pittsburgh squad, and the Celtics were looking to get back on track against the 3-3 Pacers. BC took care of business, barely, but a win is a win and on this weekend, this win is the only win (not so subtle foreshadowing). The Bruins then came out scoring, finally, but the defense let them down giving up 6 goals, 5 in regulation, resulting in a 6-5 OT loss. The Celtics, following suit, struggled defensively, giving up 113 points to the Pacers, capping the night with a big L.


There was one marquee match-up left in which a win would make all of the other losses from the weekend bearable: a Pats victory over their arch rival Colts. If you want to read my more in-depth feelings on the game, see my posts from last night. All I will say is that we learned Bill Belichick is human and is capable of making a colossal error in judgment to hand the Colts a victory.

Overall, the major Boston sports ended the weekend 1-4. It has to get better from here, right?

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