Dallas Embarassment

What the hell has happened to the Dallas Cowboys offense? The Packers are a decent defensive team. Let me repeat, a DECENT team. How does a team with the play-makers that Dallas has not score a point until 38 seconds left in the 4th quarter? There were some injuries for the \’Boys throughout the game, but only one was an offensive player, RT Mark Colombo (a BC product for all of you Bostonians). I am speechless, frustrated, and just plain disappointed. I\’m saying it right here, Roy Williams is terrible. I was a huge fan of bringing him to Dallas, because he was an excellent WR at Texas in college and was a solid #1 in Detroit, even though he had a series of crappy QB\’s throwing to him. Since he has come to Dallas, he has done nothing but drop passes and fumble the football. It is pathetic that Miles Austin, who started the season 3rd on the depth chart, has almost 300 more receiving yards than Williams. That is not an insult to Austin, who has been the only saving grace of this WR core, but it is a testament to Williams\’s complete ineffectiveness.

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