Post Game Wrap-up

Bill Belichick took an idiotic risk and it cost the Patriots the game. If you are up 6 with 2 minutes to play, on your own 30 yard line and facing a 4th down, WHY THE HELL WOULDN\’T YOU PUNT? At least make it somewhat difficult for Manning and not hand him the ball in 30 yards away from the end zone. This will certainly be a topic in the post game press conference and for weeks to come, because Belichick essentially handed the Colts the game on a silver platter. What a shocker. Not because the Colts won by 1, but because Belichick actually made a mistake in the biggest moment of the biggest game of the year to this point. There is no point in even reviewing the stats from this game because they mean nothing but a large L on the schedule for the Pats. The AFC is now a two horse race: Cincinnati Bengals and the Indianapolis Colts. No one in their right mind saw that coming before the season started.

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