Thoughts from the 1st half…

If you are a Pat\’s fan, you have a lot to cheer about. Randy Moss has DOMINATED the Colts secondary to the tune of 4 catches for 144 yards and a TD. The Colts were 1st in the league coming into this game in points against only giving up slightly over 13 points per game to their opponents. The Pats have almost doubled that total in the first half. There is a long way to go in this one, but Brady has already thrown 11 completions for 237 yards. A big concern, however, is the pass rush that the Colts were getting on Brady at the end of the half. Belichick will have to neutralize the Freeney/Mathis rush more effectively in the second half in order to hold on to their lead.

On the other side of the ball, after the first Indy score, the Pat\’s defense has been playing pretty well and at times have made Manning look uncomfortable (which is not easy to do). As we saw at the end of the first half, Manning and the Colts offense are going to simplify their play-calling and get the ball in the hands of their play-makers (Wayne and Clarke). If they are successful and are able to get some rhythm going, they are extremely capable of putting up points in large bunches and getting right back into this contest. Ultimately, with a few minutes left in the 4th quarter, this will be a close game. There is no quit in either of these clubs, and I wouldn\’t be surprised if we see this same match-up in the AFC championship in January.

On a side note, do the Colts realize they play in a covered stadium? Fireworks after a TD that lit the turf on fire seem smart to anyone? More to come…

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