Dick Jauron Fired, FINALLY

It took 9 games for Bill\’s ownership to realize Dick Jauron was done in Buffalo. Really? In today\’s sports world where coaches are fired before they even sign their contracts, Jauron held his job for three and a half NFL seasons despite his 24-33 record. He had one of the worst offenses in football this year (besides the Browns) and the team rankings tell the entire story (28th in Pts with 15.6/game, 29th in yards with 268.2/game, 29th in Pass yards with 160.6/game, and the bright spot, ranked 15th in Rush yards with 107.7/game). Led by a crappy QB, Trent Edwards, a sad WR core, including the locker room favorite Terrell Owens, and a RB in Jackson who has had one solid week all season. Granted, not all of these issues are Jauron\’s fault, there have been many injuries, but Jauron\’s leadership has been put to test this season and he has failed miserably.

On a Bills related note, any one who has been a fan of a team that Terrell Owens has played for, regardless if he was playing or injured, could have seen this Bill\’s team plummeting when they announced his signing. He is a virus, regardless of what coach, owner, or system he is a part of and will never be worth the money he earns. He is a conceded, egotistical moron, who thinks the earth revolves around him and that he is the greatest WR ever to play the game. Owens, do us all a favor, leave the NFL and go play in the CFL and annoy the Canadian media for a change.

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