Lack of Offense

At 5:35PM yesterday, I got a call from my buddy Jonathan to tell me that he was heading to Framingham, MA to pick up tickets for the Bruins game starting at 7PM and asked me if I wanted to go. Naturally, I was all in, because live hockey is one of the most enjoyable experiences know to man. We got to the game a little late, and had unbelievable seats at center ice, but the Islanders were already up a goal. Just when the Bruins came back to tie the game in the 2nd period, they blew the lead again. I\’m not going to recap the entire game, because anyone who has watched this team throughout the beginning part of the season knows that they can\’t score goals, especially when they need them. I\’ll use the excuse of injuries for now because Marc Savard and Milan Lucic both went on IR several weeks ago.We\’ll see what happens once they return, but I\’m not sure it will be enough.

I got home from the game and turned on MNF to see how badly the Browns were getting hammered. Turns out that it was worse than I expected and I expected very little out of a terrible Cleveland team. I have always held the belief that it takes effort to score 0 points in an NFL game. Last year, in approx. 250 regular season games, there were a total of 5 shutouts, 3 of which occurred in week 17 when teams were already eliminated from contention and were giving younger players a chance to play. The parody in football this year has already led to 8 shutouts in 143 games. The best teams in the league are so strong and the weak teams in the league are so poor, that there have been more unwatchable blowouts than past years. Let\’s see if the trend continues in the remaining 7 weeks of the regular season.

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