Fenway Gets Dissed

In 2012, Fenway will celebrate it\’s 100th anniversary. With the current era of new ballparks being erected every few years, Fenway (1912) is one of the two remaining parks built before 1962 (the other is Wrigley built in 1914). The 100th anniversary is a perfect opportunity to honor the history of the park and it\’s special place in the MLB, but instead, Bud Selig decided to have the All Star Game in Kansas City. KC? Do they really think anything besides a miracle will increase the Kansas City fan base? A 100th anniversary happens so rarely for a ballpark and realistically, we will probably only see one more in our lifetime (Wrigley) and I would be willing to bet the Cubs will be hosting the 2014 All Star Game on their historic park\’s 100th anniversary. The fact that the Red Sox have a large fan base and can sell out games should be an asset when selecting a site, and not a detriment. There is no reason why Kansas City can\’t host the the 2013 or 2015 All Star Game. If the reason they chose the park is because of it\’s recent renovations like they claim, do they realize that in 3 years those renovations will no longer be new? Congratulations MLB for making a bad decision.

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