There\'s No Crying in Football, Unless you are a Jets Fan

During Rex Ryan\’s first press conference after the story leaked that he cried in the locker room after the Jets 24-22 loss to the Jags this past weekend, he decided to make light of the situation. Ryan had a staff member bring out a box of tissues to which he joked he had a new sponsor, Kleenex. I have nothing against a large man crying, because sports can be emotional. What I don\’t understand is why Ryan didn\’t tell us the real reason he was crying: the Jets free-fall into oblivion. After starting 3-0, QB Mark Sanchez and the Jets have gone 1-6 in their past 7 games. Sanchez\’s numbers in those games (5 touchdowns and 10 interceptions) is enough to make even the most unemotional Jet fan cry. Unless the Jet\’s can figure out how to improve their 27th ranked pass offense, we should get used to seeing the mighty Rex Ryan cry.

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