NFL Week 11 Preview

After a heartbreaking week 10 for Patriots and Cowboys fans (like myself), the sooner this weekend comes the better. Here are some interesting match-ups going into this weekend. As a reminder, there are three categories: Blowout of the Week, Thriller of the Week, and Must Win Game of the Week. All odds courtesy of

Blowout of the Week
New Orleans Saints (-12.5) at Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 1pm EST on FOX

The New Orleans Saints are still rolling at 9-0 and are only gaining confidence as their wins keep coming. As they travel to Tampa for an inter-division game, there should be little doubt in every player\’s mind that they are the far superior team and only need to play a C game at best to beat the Bucs. Believe it or not, the Bucs are the least talked about 1-8 team in the NFL. There are articles about the Lions and the Browns constantly, but the Bucs are always left out. Just to be clear, they are bad and this game shouldn\’t even be close.
Prediction: New Orleans by 16

Thriller of the Week
Atlanta Falcons at New York Giants (-5.5), 1pm EST on FOX

As soon as I saw this game on the schedule, it peaked my interest. Both of these teams are 5-4 and are sitting in 2nd place in their respective divisions. Offensively, both teams have solid running games, both ranked in the top ten in yards per game, and they both average around 24 to 25 points per game. Because of how evenly these two teams match-up offensively, the decision on RB Michael Turner\’s ability to play on Sunday could create a problem for the Falcons. In terms of defense, the Giants are one of the best defenses in the league, while the Falcons have one of the worst. QB Matt Ryan has had only a decent year, so it will be interesting to see if he can adjust to the pressure that the Giants defense will surely throw at him.
Prediction: New York by 3

Must Win Game of the Week
New York Jets at New England Patriots (-11), 4:15pm EST on CBS

Two straight weeks the Patriots have played what is considered by most to be a rival team. After their heartbreaking loss on Sunday night, the Pats are ready for revenge against the struggle QB Mark Sanchez and the Jets. If you are a Jets fan, you already know this is a must win. After starting 3-0, the Jets have dropped 5 of the last 6 games, and need a quick turnaround if they have any inkling of hope at saving this season. This is an absolute must win for the Jets, but on the road in Foxborough against a hungry Pats team will be a tough situation to turn their season around.
Prediction: New England by 16

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