Sox Aggressively Pursuing Halladay

As reported in the New York Daily News on Tuesday, the Red Sox are actively pursuing one of the game\’s best pitchers, Roy Halladay. Halladay has been an object of the Sox affection since the trade deadline last season, but Theo and the gang were unwilling to give up too many top prospects for the 32 year old starting pitcher. As great as this news appears for Red Sox fans, I am concerned about what it will take to bring Halladay to Boston. The Red Sox would most likely have to give up SP Clay Buchholtz and either SS prospect Casey Kelly or P Michael Bowden, which may effect their ability to trade prospects for a power hitter like Adrian Gonzalez or Matt Holliday. That being said, if the Red Sox could pull off a trade for Halladay, they would have one of the premier pitching staff in baseball. With Josh Beckett, Jon Lester, and Roy Halladay, the Red Sox would have 3 #1 starters at the front-end of their rotation, and a strong bullpen to boot.

The scenario sounds great, but regardless of the Sox push, they are still facing tough competition to land the Cy Young award winner. The Yankees will surely be actively pursuing Halladay and there were reports that the Angels were also in the market for the righty and both teams have the players and salary room to make the deal work. I\’m sure more teams will step their foot in the water before a a trade is finalized. Only time will tell, but I wouldn\’t be surprised to see a deal done within the next 2 weeks.

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