Festivus for the Rest-of-Us

As a continuation of my post on www.bosoxinjection.com, there are a few other people I have issues with this Festivus evening.

My first issue is with Eli Manning. You are a pompous jerk through and through. From the day of the 2004 NFL draft, I knew you were the scum of the earth. Any respectable human being would have been ecstatic to be drafted #1 overall in by the Chargers, but instead, your arrogant, entitled attitude forced the San Diego Chargers to trade you because you refused to play for them. As much as I hate the Colts, your brother Peyton is at least an honorable person who has earned others admiration by consistently performing at a high level. You, however, have done nothing but tarnish the great Manning name by being a cocky punk.

My next issue is with David Beckham. No one likes you here. You have no respect for your team, league, or fans and don\’t deserve to wear the LA Galaxy uniform. You are a disgrace to sportsmanship and only give effort when you feel like it or there is extra money involved. Your own fans in LA are even booing you, can\’t you take a hint? Take Posh Spice and go to a country that wants you…oh wait, there aren\’t any. You have the money and the celebrity, do us all a favor and stay off the soccer pitch.

My final issue is with Brett Favre. What happened to the respectable Green Bay Packer lifer? You have plummeted from being an honorable person to being a slime-ball. I don\’t care what success you have on the field, the way you have handled yourself over the past two seasons has permanently damaged your reputation beyond repair. You can have your records and streaks, but can no longer have any fan loyalty. It is sleezy to use retirement as a vehicle to be able to sign with another team, and you know that. Disgraceful.

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