Spy Forces UConn to Practice Indoors

In a ridiculous twist, the UConn football team had to practice indoors the last few days, but not because of inclement weather. Randy Edsall moved his practice indoors because some information from a practice earlier in the week was posted publicly without permission from the University. It appears someone has been spying on the UConn practices and has been coming away with some in-depth information about plays and formations. In a week leading up to the biggest game of the year for the Huskies on Friday night on ESPN2 against West Virginia, this is a scary and disturbing revelation. This is not the 1st or last time a team will spy on another team (if in fact it is another team spying on them), but it is a dirty and troubling act. Edsall has moved his practices indoors for the time being and is trying not to let this story distract his team. (more after the jump)

Later in the press conference Edsall was asked about the future of practicing outside and he said, \”We\’ll just see but hey, you know, I\’ll tell you what: technology these days everybody wants to let everybody know everything.\” Edsall seemed to try and downplay the incident as much as possible, but clearly he was unhappy with what was going on. \”We got an issue where we have somebody that wants to write everything we do from the dorm room so…we have to look at that now.\” With injuries galore and his team on a 2-game losing streak with 2 tough games coming up the last thing Edsall wanted to be doing was addressing spying issues. 
Check back for injury updates for Friday nights game.

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