I’m Back! Who’s Excited?

It\’s been a long time since I post unique content here on The Life of a Sportsaholic. I have been, and still am, writing over at BoSoxInjection.com focusing on the Boston Red Sox, but felt a void in my life. Being a fan of many different sports and teams, just writing about 1 team or 1 sport wasn\’t enough. Recently, I began to dabble over at Orble.com and have a Dallas Cowboys blog that I am testing out, but am also a passionate college sports fan and hockey fan. For now, my focus here at The Life of a Sportsaholic is simple. I am going to write about topics in sports that I find interesting. Most of my focus now will be on UConn athletics, with a hint of Boston Bruins hockey and maybe even some unexpected sports happenings. No matter the content, my pledge to you is that I will not post anything unless I find it interesting or somehow amusing. Fair? Let\’s start…

Just briefly let\’s recap a tough season for the UConn Huskies football team thus far in 2010. Being the season with their senior leader Zach Frazer at QB, my wife, college roommate and I hoped in a Trailblazer and set our sights for the 700+ mile journey to Ann Arbor, MI. The 2010 UConn season began against a Big Ten historic powerhouse in the University of Michigan in front of the largest crowd ever to witness an NCAA college football game, 113,000+. The atmosphere was incredible, but the game was disappointing for UConn, with mistakes and a weak defense leading to a tough loss. It was great exposure, but started the year in the hole, 0-1. Following a beat-down of Texas Southern, the Huskies lost a tough game on the road in PA against Temple.

Games 4 and 5 of the 2010 season were wins against Buffalo and Vanderbilt at home. The Buffalo game was a season changer, because Cody Endres Replaced Zach Frazer mid-game and gave the UConn fans something to cheer about: an effective offense. Endres became the starter, with Frazer being dropped to 3rd on the depth chart and young Mike Box moving into the back-up role. After a big win against an SEC opponent Vandy, the Huskies lost a tough game against Rutgers, blowing a lead late. Later in the week following their Big East opener, the announcement came that Cody Endres was suspended indefinitely and the little offensive spark the Huskies had was gone that quickly. Mike Box started this past week against Louisville and it resulted in an embarrassing 26-0 loss.

Hopes of a BCS berth are now gone, it is all about saving the season. During the Louisville game, Mike Box sustained a concussion, but is still listed as the starter for Friday night\’s game against the Mountaineers from West Virginia at the Rent in East Hartford, CT. Being a Red Sox and a Cowboys fan, injuries have seemed to be the norm lately with my teams and it is hard to watch a talented group of guys struggle due to injuries. Friday night will be a huge contest for the Huskies and if they have any hopes at making noise in the Big East, it is a must win. They currently sit at 0-2 in the conference and 3-4 overall. The clock is ticking as we have already passed the halfway point to the season.

That\’s it for now, but that\’s just the tip of the iceberg. Check back for more content as the season progresses and into the off-season, because I always have something to say.

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